Ethiopian Students

For several years now, Yad L’Ami has been assisting Ethiopian students who have completed their military service. Many Ethiopian parents live far below the poverty line. Coming from Africa, they are confronted with a completely new world. Without knowledge of the Hebrew language it is hard to find a job and therefore most parents can’t support their children financially with their studies. For most of the Ethiopian youth, their period of military service is a time in which their self-esteem grows by leaps and bounds. Yad L’Ami has positioned itself firmly behind these young students and provides financial support for their studies. So full of passion and vision, they view their future with hope and don’t become discouraged and demotivated when under heavy pressure. Yad L’Ami considers this project to be very important and provides you with the opportunity to partly adopt financially an Ethiopian student. Recent years have shown that many students are helped on their way and manage successfully to break the vicious cycle of poverty enabling them to support themselves and their family.

‘We encourage you to invest in these young Ethiopians!’