Holocaust survivors – Making some kinds of extras possible for Holocaust survivors

Aug 24, 2016

Many Holocaust survivors still desperately need a helping hand. These people, who often have already been through so much, still have to fight to keep their heads above water. They are such brave people who rarely complain. They deserve to receive, just once, something extra. Yad L’Ami is involved with helping in this way. Here are some examples:

Last year, we took a group of elderly people to a goat farm that had newborn goats. The babies could be petted and cuddled. There was a workshop on the making of goat cheese, and the people were treated to lunch. The participants so enjoyed it! For them it was an unforgettable day.

This summer, a number of elderly people took a midweek group holiday. Some of them had not been away on holiday for many years and they needed so much to get away for a few days. Thanks to your support, we were able to help pay for the cost of the bus trip.

And what about the need for an air conditioner? It is an expense they cannot afford and the installation is too big a job for them to oversee themselves—all that noise from the drilling through the wall and all the accompanying dust—and yet also this we have made possible. They had such grateful, happy faces afterwards!

Please help us to continue to provide for all these extras!