A and M

Dec 13, 2022

We are a married couple 60+, we left our comfortable life and made aliya from Russia to Israel. We began the process taking care of the paperwork and all the formalities in the end of February right after the start of the war with Ukraine. Our daughter, who had lived in Israel for two and a half years by then, was really afraid that the (Russian) borders would be closed and we would not be able to see each other again.

On May 27 we received the visas at the Israeli embassy and our EL-AL flight was scheduled for June 27. We hastily threw some of our belongings in the suitcases, got on the plane and flew to Israel. Our wonderful friends kindly sheltered us in the beginning (our daughter’s place was tiny). We found an apartment through Facebook and moved there on August 1. But the apartment was empty – there was nothing there at all. We decided to use the money, which we were given at the airport, to buy kitchen appliances. But what next?

Someone gave us a matrass, someone else – a bed, someone else – a kitchen table. But in the living room there were only suitcases and plastic bags. We had neither a place to put our things, nor even a chair to sit on. And then a miracle happened. A friend introduced us to Yad L’ Ami and said they could possibly help us. We are not used to getting help and were embarrassed to look like beggars in their eyes.

Ria and Silvia visited us. They turned out to be such lovely ladies. They immediately assessed the situation, they talked to us, and sat with us in our kitchen. It was a comfortable meeting, not humiliating at all, which is very important. They promised to help with the furniture and wrote us a check “for small things” as Ria put it. The next thing – They sent us photos of beautiful things and said that they would deliver and assemble everything. And guess what? They delivered and assembled different kind of furniture.

Our place began to get into shape. Laced cloth adorns the sofa, our things are in the wardrobe, the vase we brought from home is on the coffee table, and I am in the armchair. This is what I call life!

Before Rosh Hashanah Ria came again bringing gifts. We had such a wonderful time, drank tea and talked, and talked. and talked. About life, about destiny, and about politics. About the situation in Russia, from where we escaped. And about Israel, of course. We enjoyed it so much. To say that we are grateful is not to say anything. There are not enough words to express all the gratitude that we feel. You supported us in a difficult situation, encouraged us, and gave us hope.

We thank you so very much, dear friends! We thank all the people involved in the work of the Foundation!

We wish you health and prosperity in the new year!

Yours sincerely, A & M