A great Chanukah party for the Holocaust survivors

Dec 23, 2022

On a Tuesday morning in December, dozens of Holocaust survivors came to the centre of Jerusalem accompanied by a relative or caregiver. This was quite an undertaking for many who rarely leave home nowadays. In the rented auditorium, the tables were laid, coffee and tea were distributed, and the live music immediately created a cheerful, relaxed atmosphere. It wasn’t long before the first people started dancing. From that moment on it became one big PARTY.

The musicians played continuously a medley of many different styles on up to ten different musical instruments. How touching and heart-warming it was to see everyone enjoying themselves dancing and clapping! Even those over the age of ninety were swinging around; for a moment they had forgotten all the trouble, physical pain, depression, and worries. One daughter said, with tears running down her cheeks: “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a smile on my father’s face.”

After this beautiful concert, the caterer served a delicious hot meal, and for dessert there were special Chanukah doughnuts (named soofganiot in Hebrew) from the gourmet bakery.

Unfortunately, it was then time to end the party. Gift bags containing warm blankets were handed out to be taken home. This morning had provided so much joy, hope, and relaxation! Encouraged and grateful, they bid farewell. It was a day to remember!