A Heartwarming Party

Dec 3, 2017

A beautiful room with set tables, delicious food, live music, and a warm atmosphere. This was the setting for a musical lunch held on October 25 for Holocaust survivors. Most of us would find it easy to go to such a party, but it was quite an undertaking for these people to come. Everyone had a story and a reason for not attending. Yet many found the courage and energy to travel to the city. It was a very difficult task for a woman who is paralyzed on one side, and who does not want to be transported in a wheelchair. It also took great effort for someone who is seriously ill, and for someone with a partner who suffers from dementia. In order to make it possible, everyone was allowed to bring a companion. And there they came, so many dear, frail, older people together with a caretaker, daughter, or good friend. They were welcomed warmly with coffee, tea, and goodies. There was live piano and guitar music. Israeli and Russian songs were sung and everyone joined in lustily. The hot meal was delicious and was partaken of heartily. The time flew by. At the farewell, gifts were handed out to take home. A 97-year-old lady had been looking forward to that all morning; she was as happy as a child. To see so much joy and relaxation on the faces that morning was moving. They were lifted up above their worries, loneliness, and sadness. It was truly a blessing for everyone! We all look back on this special occasion with great gratitude.