A thank you letter to Yad L’ Ami

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Yad L’Ami mobilized to help us during our return home following the events of October 7. In March 2024, some of the families with children aged 3–12 returned to live on the kibbutz. The families had to deal with emotional and family issues, following a period of about six months when they were unable to live at home.

We would like to thank you for your support and coming alongside us, your attentive ear, and, above all, for your investment and concern for the children who returned home. Together with you Ria, we thought of activities that can help reduce anxiety, provide calmness, and provide tools for creating a happy and cohesive group of children.

Together we opened the surfing course for children aged 9–16. Surfing takes place on Fridays and thus provides an activity for the children on the day that there are no classes at school. The children are so happy for this opportunity and the time at the beach, the skills they are learning, and the resulting increase in self-reliance. They and their parents are being helped in this way. We do not forget that this is not the first project in which Yad L’Ami has accompanied Kibbutz Karmia in recent years.

You continue to surround us, in times of emergency and when there are everyday needs, with a lot of love and care that is expressed in action and financial assistance.

With many thanks and great appreciation!

The education system in Karmia, the parents, and the children


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28 June 2024