A wonderful trip with the elderly

Jul 5, 2022

When you live in Jerusalem and cannot easily travel outside of the city, a trip is a real treat. So it was for the group of Holocaust survivors with whom we went to Abu Ghosh and Yad HaShmona. First of all, we enjoyed a private concert in the chapel of the Benedictine monastery in Abu Ghosh. Two professional musicians played beautiful classical music on a cello and a recorder.

The excellent acoustics further enhanced the beautiful sound. Everyone was visibly enjoying themselves. At Yad HaShmona, we had time to enjoy the rural surroundings and the beautiful weather. Just being outdoors was a blessing in itself but it didn’t stop there; the day ended with a delicious meal in the restaurant. There was an extensive buffet with hot and cold dishes, enabling everyone to sample whatever and however much they wanted.

For many in the group it had been a long time since they had experienced such a thing. For us, it is sometimes really moving to see them enjoying themselves. In the thank-you letter we received from them, they wrote: “This trip was a social-cultural enrichment. Thank you so much for this day full of beautiful experiences! The music still resonates in our ears. Full of joy and new mental strength, we returned to Jerusalem.”