Actually, we really have to tell you

Jul 2, 2021

It’s not just that you get to light a torch on a special day. There is a deep appreciation for something or for someone. It was therefore a great honor that Yad L’Ami was allowed to light the torch on behalf of you on Yom Ha Atzmaut ( Independence Day – 73rd anniversary of the State of Israel )

In the many villages on the Gaza border, they particularly appreciate what the foundation does and that we are involved in the lives of those who often live in difficult conditions.

In Netiv Ha Asarah, the 73rd birthday was a big party, with performances, music, dancing and a cozy gathering of all the people from the village. Yad L’Ami was thanked for all the support and I was allowed to address and encourage the people, and then light the torch. I sat among the people and thought, “How is it possible that everyone sits so quietly, is able to forget everything for a moment and celebrate. If the siren were to go off now, no one would be able to hear it.”

What a powerful and beautiful people.

On the other side of the wall, in Gaza, they will certainly have heard the music.