New immigrants – An extra helping hand to keep hope alive

Aug 30, 2016 | 0 comments

What types of applications for assistance do we receive via the social workers? Who applies, and how does Yad L’Ami help? Here is a look inside our work with local institutions: The social worker sets up appointments with the people needing a helping hand and together we visit them. In this way, we can better assess the situation at home and talk to the people themselves. This quickly provides us with a better understanding of their needs.

For example, Mr. B. from Ethiopia is a professional tailor. He currently works in the mornings, but is nearing retirement age. The small pension he will receive will not be enough to live on, and we received a request for help to enable him to supplement his pension by continuing to work part-time as a tailor from his home. Yad L’Ami issued a cheque directly to the store and purchased a sewing machine for Mr. B. One afternoon, he proudly showed us his work. Meanwhile, prior to retirement, he is giving sewing lessons to others on a voluntary basis in the afternoons.