Around the stove

Dec 8, 2018

Winter has got under way in Israel and the drop in temperatures is already being felt in the homes. Houses here are poorly insulated and everyone tries to prepare themselves for the cold season.

The same is true for the Holocaust survivors, who live in poor conditions. We see that they come up with many different ways to keep warm, from plaids and blankets, to extra layers of clothing, etc. Many resort to going to bed early where they perhaps will be a little warmer. It is often distressing to see how they survive during the winter. We are grateful that a number of years ago, thanks to you, we were able to distribute many heaters to our elderly people. And so now, thanks to a beautiful gift, seven newly adopted Holocaust survivors will receive an electric radiator. How nice to know that these elderly people will now enjoy a little more warmth this winter. We want to express our great thanks to you on their behalf!