Chores done by German volunteers

Sep 5, 2019

Yad L’Ami is now working closely with the volunteers of the German organization Saxon Israel Freunde. They have done a great job for one of our Holocaust survivors, dealing thoroughly with serious moisture and mold problems in his bathroom and bedroom.

They worked very hard for 5 days and the result is astonishing. Everything now looks so clean, fresh, and new! All this is a great blessing for Moshe (not his real name). He had no words sufficient to thank them. Because of the serious fungus, he had not been able to sleep in his bedroom for a long time and had been forced to put his bed in the living room. Now it can be returned to his bedroom and he once again has a clean and fresh living environment. This has both a physical and psychological effect. We too thank the people of Saxon Israel Freunde for all their willingness and practical help and we look forward to much further cooperation.