Elder students – A new school year has begun

Oct 31, 2016 | 0 comments

The five students we helped last year successfully completed their school year. All five wrote letters expressing their gratitude for the assistance of Yad L’Ami. And thanks to you, they are now facing a brighter future. Three of these Ethiopian youths continue to need our help as their family situations have not changed. We assisted one with a contribution towards the rent, and another by paying a portion of his tuition fees. Their income and expenditures will be re-examined, along with their study hours and individual circumstances. They can contribute toward their expenses by working a few hours each week. Furthermore, the students who received help last year now need to donate three hours of their time each week to help with the community projects, tutoring, and other activities with children. In some cases, they can be asked to visit an elderly man or woman for a few hours to help them with chores.

Looking back on the past year

Last year we helped five students. Ofra has finished her studies and is now looking for a job. Together with her husband, they can take care of their children and help her parents, who live with them. This year, we want to continue helping two Ethiopians who received assistance last year. Meanwhile, we have received an application for help for an additional three students. Investing in lives is the best gift we can give.

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