Greetings and appreciation for “Rosh Ha’shana”

Oct 4, 2020

We are ending an unusual year with the Corona Virus on top of Terror attacks from Gaza that we have been experiencing for the last 20 years.

The people on the Moshav want to thank “Yad L ’Ami” for all the care, help and support during the last year. We feel your care all round, we work side by side and without your help we couldn’t have achieved the goals we set.

The last month we had a great ceremony for the children’s that went into first grade, they got your donation, a beautiful schoolbag with all their needs inside it. It was so touching to see how much they appreciated your support. We also appreciate all the other projects you are involved in, the youth, the adults and the new “social meeting place for the golden age”.

We are proud to be part of the “Yad L ’Ami family” and we admire the things you do for us and for the rest of your support in Israel.

Happy Rosh HaShana
From the People of Netiv Ha’asara