Happy Pesach/Pascha

Apr 15, 2022

Friday evening, we will gather around the table and share a special meal and tell a miraculous story—an act that has been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years! For Jews and those who follow the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, Passover is a special time of year. 

This year the Exodus is taking place right before our eyes. Thousands of Ukraine and Russian Jews are now pouring into Israel.

In some way, all this reminds of the Exodus from Egypt.. Pesach… And in this time we live, God gave us to be born for these days, and it is important to fulfill OUR ROLE in His great plan. Please pray that God will bless our hands, through Yad L’Ami foundation, so that we may bless those fleeing war. Thousands of Ukrainian and Russian Jews are now pouring into Israel.

The whole world is focused on the situation between Ukraine and Russia. Unfortunately, these days, Israel is being shaken by brutal terrorist attacks. In just three weeks, fourteen people were murdered by terrorists. Pain, anger,  disappointment… All this is our pre – Passover experience

As threats from local terror organizations arise, I ask you to pray for a safe and joyous holiday for all of us!