Holocaust survivors – A festive closure of a very successful painting course

Sep 12, 2016 | 0 comments

On June 21, after three times 5 mornings, a total of 15 mornings, the painting course for Holocaust survivors ended. The Jewish artist Marc de Klijn had, with pleasure, accompanied a group of 8-10 Holocaust Overlevenden. Every morning one of us joint the group as well. He helped them to further develop their talents. It were beautiful mornings  clearly enjoyed by every one of them. During the festive closing each student shared his or her experiences; all very positive.

Marc has been widely praised for his patience, his talent and his loving support for each of them. Everyone agreed that it was very unfortunate that the course had come to an end. The management and staff of social work stressed out how they, particularly, noticed the pleasant atmosphere: “You are different.” We hope we do not just mean something because of the course, but that through our attitude and helpfulness we have been a witness of Him who dwells in us.