Holocaust survivors – The check that made the difference

Dec 8, 2016 | 0 comments

Quite logically you would think that to receive a check is pleasant for everyone. But for the 40 Holocaust survivors, helped in your name by Yad L’Ami, this check wasn’t just pleasant, but vital.

Supporting an adopted grandfather / grandmother costs 50 Euros per month. We are grateful for the many sponsors who support this project. The 300 euro per half year plus an additional contribution from Yad L’Ami , forms the value of the semi-annual check. Twice a year we bring a check to the Holocaust survivors, who live below the poverty line. We do that also before the Jewish Holidays. With such an additional financial contribution, these people can afford the expenses they normally could not pay. For instance: costs for certain medications, the dentist, the electricity bill and so on. In some situations it is even worse.

We visited the 84-year-old, blind Lena (not her real name), who lives with her sister, just a few years younger. Lena’s health is so bad that she spends all day sitting on a bed in the living room. The toilet-chair is next to her. Every now and then she gets a plate of rice. She lives in very poor conditions, her living space is only 2 sqm, – a very sad situation.

One 86-year-old lady reacted, “Oh, now I can buy food again”. The rent for her simple apartment is so high; she has hardly any money left over. The kitchen cupboards and the refrigerator are almost always empty. Hard to imagine!  Every time we see these people and the situation they live in, it touches us deeply.

Would you help us to do even more for these elderly people? Every donation is welcome and certainly will end up in the right place. Thank you very much!