How do we help to create a special place for the youth?

Sep 29, 2021 | 0 comments

First of all, we sit together with some leaders of the community, the regional youth director, and the local youth director. We introduce ourselves, tell them who we are, and explain that the help we can offer comes from Christians who love Israel. Then comes the question regarding how we can help.

Very often the place being made available for the youth is in bad condition and needs to be renovated. So someone has to calculate these costs, which are paid for by the community. We do not invest in renovations; that is the responsibility of the local community. When the renovations are completed, we help to appoint counsellors who give workshops to the youth on how to create their own special place.

Thus, they have to paint their own youth club and also build their own furniture. Some leaders teach the youth fiscal responsibility by allowing them to figure out the best places to purchase their supplies and remain within an allocated budget. When it is ready, we will also help them with the necessary games and a flat-screen television for educational purposes. The youth have to price these supplies themselves and then we join them in making the final decisions.

We remain involved in the whole process, and are in contact with the leader almost weekly. Good cooperation is crucial and we are kept informed of all progress. This provides a strong bond and confidence, and beautiful friendships have emerged from the process. They know that they can count on us, and that we will fulfill our promises to them. The youth now have their own special safe place, where smoking and alcohol are not allowed and where no violence takes place.

We have now been able to contribute to a number of these successful projects, and we are certain that your donations are being used to great effect in the lives of these youth.

How it was and how it has become.