How long still?

Dec 18, 2019

“How long will this last; it must end!” One of the managers expressed it like this: “I don’t think anybody is normal here anymore.” Everyone reacts differently, but one major concern is that people will turn in on themselves and cease to talk about what they are experiencing, but will soldier on in silence. That is worrying and that is why we started supporting therapy in the form of a baking course in Netiv Ha’Asara.

After one call to the women, 17 applications arrived within one hour. In this, we saw the great need for companionship and the chance to talk together in a relaxing atmosphere. For the time being, we have begun with two groups of ten women, which are proving a great success. In the same community, ten children aged 8 years are receiving cooking therapy. What are they learning? Everything they have lost due to the ongoing trauma. They can no longer concentrate, they no longer have patience, cooperation is a problem and they listen poorly and get angry very quickly. Through this therapy, we try to restore order in their young lives. Cleaning up together after cooking and bringing order to the kitchen is also part of the process. Such beautiful children who have to experience so much tension and stress at such a young age! Would any other country accept this situation? How long must Israel allow this?