How will we, children of the South, conquer our fear?

Nov 9, 2017 | 0 comments

Last week we were all scared once again. A tunnel had been dug under our community by terrorists with the aim of kidnapping some of us and taking us to the Gaza Strip. The tunnel was only one kilometer away from our community. But then God disarmed the evil assault: thanks to your prayers and the latest technology in Israel, the tunnel was discovered, blown up, and destroyed.

Following the blast, nine terrorists died and various more were injured after they entered the tunnel from the Gaza side. Following the destruction of the tunnel and out of fear of reprisal, Israel called on us to be alert. And how did this affect the children? It was a day of being confined inside the school for our protection.

Therapy with horses and dogs helps us. We learn to process our traumas and learn to be strong and gain control over our lives.

Ten schoolchildren receive horse therapy once a week. The cost is €25 for each child.

In the girls’ home, two groups of four girls receive a weekly session of therapy with dogs. The cost is €65 for one group. The intention is for them to receive fifteen therapy sessions. After seven weeks, we will be updated on their progress.

Another group of girls receive horse therapy. Each session for each girl costs €30.

In addition to the many traumas experienced by these girls, there is a lot of uncertainty due to the constant threat from Gaza.

The children in the South really need our help! Who can fund the therapy for a child? If you can, please mark donation to: “Children in the South.”