It all started like this:

Sep 1, 2016

“Please help by financing a day trip for a family with children in Sderot. The children become hysterical and parents don’t know how to cope with this behavior. “     5 minutes later:        “I have another family who is stuck in a bomb shelter, as they don’t have a car, please help us with toys and games for the children in the shelters?”
The next request arrives for a family in Beersheba. Don’t think  this is…about people who are looking for a day of fun. No, this requests are about cases of emergency, received through social work, through our contact about the emergency situation in Sderot. We receive all the account statements and bills, so nothing goes wrong.
Hereby we bring these requests to you                                                                                                                                                                       In 2009 several families from Sderot were unable to cope with their situation, have stayed in hotels for a few nights. I am positive more requests will reach us, when the current situation remains.
Imagine your own children having their last school day, excited to go for a holiday  to holiday clubs for funny games, swimming or other outings, a time without homework. Even the beaches are desolated, as all those beautiful beaches are in the area were the rockets fall.
And ….. bang all of a sudden there is no other choice, than to sit in a room of a few square meter and no way out. You want to fly at each other’s throat and you sometimes do.

Wednesday on an average of every six minutes rockets were fired from Gaza on Israel.
We had a barrage of missiles, about 225 in 24 hours, some in a few seconds in 40 different directions, also in ours,
We are thankful to have a bomb shelter and when we closed the door behind us, we heard a big bang. This morning we heard a house was hit in a village, around 3 kilometers from our home. No casualties. A miracle, the keeper of Israel slumbers nor sleeps.
Yad L’Ami wants to answer this cry from the South of Israel.

Please consider and think what this situation brings to the people to live in such a stressful situation, and especially consider the children who constantly are feeling insecure.

We ask you this moment for an extra donation, stating “Help for the South.”

Thank you very much in advance in the name of these children.