Letter of thanks Karmia

Dec 3, 2021

To Yad L’Ami Foundation:

Letter of Thanks

We would like to express our great appreciation for your significant contribution and participation at Kibbutz Karmia.

In 2021, the Yad L’Ami Foundation contributed greatly to strengthening the community in Kibbutz Karmia, 3 kilometers from the border with Gaza. The joint activity with the youth included making improvements to the kibbutz entrance and the children’s houses, creating attractive areas that are decorated with paintings of paths and walls. For the first time in years we were able to arrange a trip for the children celebrating their Bar Mitzvah along with their parents. A few families received assistance and you helped in the renovation of two homes for lone soldiers.

All the kibbutz residents participated in the various activities (children, teenagers, young people, and adults), thus strengthening the community and encouraging self-reliance. This is an important quality we want to encourage in the children and teens.

Beyond the financial contribution, throughout the year we have enjoyed many visits from Ria, a true partner with us, with her real desire to understand the needs of the community and work for its strengthening and wholeness.

We thank and appreciate your blessed desire and action in order to strengthen us in both routine times and during emergencies!

With blessing,

Karmia Local Committee

on behalf of the management and residents of the kibbutz