Making choices in your life

Aug 11, 2017 | 0 comments

These girls made their choices. They chose the girls home close to the border with Gaza. Every year new girls arrive, and every year girls bid their farewell.

A great staff, but have you ever imagined how cozy it can be with 45 young women in one house?

This summer twelve girls left. They described all the catastrophes they experienced in the past years. Unity and division, laughter and crying, a time to love and a time to pull out each others hair, wanting to stay and devising a plan to run away.

In the end they all stayed and made a good choice for their life.

They arrive as a girl lost in the world, and leave the home after four years as a beautiful young woman – confident and strong to enter the army.

This is not the first time we were invited to help as a foundation. Touching to see the wonderful results radiating from this house. Again, Yad L’Ami got thanked for our wonderful contributions to the several therapies that helped the girls get back on their feet in society.

What a wonderful evening,

Thank you very much for taking part!