Many thanks to Yad l’Ami

Jun 20, 2019 | 0 comments

In the past year, 39 children from the school have had an amazing experience, horse riding and an amazing connection with a wonderful animal. Each child was given a series of 10 sessions, each time the student was given tasks to perform while riding. Therapeutic riding includes a variety of activities that contribute to improving the student’s life whilst he enjoys the horse riding.

The encounter between horse en rider is based on contact and acceptance without judgment. Not in terms of appearance, cognitive and other abilities but unconditional acceptance.
During the treatments, we deal with many areas in which the student has difficulty, and together we actively overcome difficulties.

In the ground and horse-care activities, the sense of responsibility develops and the sense of empathy evolves due to the connection between them. During therapy, I present many challenges to the students, while letting them gain experiences of success and satisfaction. Over time, the student acquires independence.

The children loved the meetings and didn’t want them to end. Parents and teachers report a great improvement in student’s behavior and some also showed success in studies. I really enjoyed working with them and seeing the progress of every child in his field.

Many thanks to Yad L’Ami for the opportunity to contribute and help children to experience amazing successes and experiences that they will never forget! 

Chagi Kaplan, Certified Instructor
Therapeutic Riding