Musical about life on the Gaza border

Sep 8, 2019

At the end of the school year we were invited to an end-of-year ceremony at Sa’ad organized by residents of the girls’ home. A group of 18-year-old girls were finishing up their time there. We were very impressed with what we saw, heard, and felt. Much warmth, commitment, and love radiated from the staff members, and the testimonies of the youngsters of what they had learned and of the positive changes made to their lives touched us deeply. One mother declared emotionally: “You saved my daughter!” How special it was to experience that evening what wonderful work is being carried out in this girls’ home, and to know that Yad L’Ami had played a small part in it by supporting the projects!

During the evening, the girls performed a musical. By way of a number of songs and sketches, they described what life was like in the girls’ home on the Gaza border. With much humour and not a little poignancy, they performed the “Shower Song.” The text describes just how difficult life can be at the Gaza border.

“Shower Song” to the Tune of “I Will Survive”
I have been in the same situation for three days
With a bathrobe, shower cap, and yellow bath duck.
I do not know if it is advisable,
I do not know if it is possible
To enter the shower
With this situation outside. 

My safety is a little at risk
Because when the siren wails, there is not much time
To run to the safe room.
And so it can be embarrassing, going ahead
When I’m still covered with soap.
Oh no, no, it’s not pleasant
When your own scent creates a distance.
I really need
Must really go in there.
I no longer have a choice
I want to be clean again. 

Yes, yes, yes
I can do it.
I do it like a big girl.
I have courage, there is hope.
I challenge the Kassam (rocket)
And am not afraid like everyone else.
I can do it!
I can do it!
I can do it!