My name is Hidde and I am 14 years old

Mar 26, 2020

My name is Hidde and I am 14 years old. While visiting Israel with our family, we stayed with Ria and supported the work of Yad L’Ami. Ria had received 30 teddy bears via an American organization.

We fastened a card around the neck of these bears on which were written “With love from Yad L’Ami” (perhaps you saw pictures on Facebook). We planned to take these bears to the children in a community next to the Gaza Strip that day. These children have been living under stress all their lives, and some are suffering from trauma. This is due to all the rockets that fall there. We heard that day that it was not safe in the South; Gaza was again firing missiles. On the morning that we had planned to go there, we heard that it was no longer possible. Ria received a signal on her phone every time an alarm went off in the South. Her phone kept sending signals. I can’t imagine what these kids experience as they have to go into the bomb shelter every time the alarm sounds. I think small projects like these bears are really good for the kids who live there. I therefore hope that the bears will arrive there soon and that they can be distributed among the children there.