New immigrants – A cry for help

Dec 30, 2016

A cry from the absorption center for help

I love it when people give everything to begin an education and try to get their lives back on track. It often takes years of struggle and is a very long walk. Miriam [not her real name] is married and has three small children. Her husband works, but he cannot afford to pay for her studies and childcare for two of their children. Miriam also tried to work a few extra hours each week in order to support herself as much as possible. As they were not able to pay for the childcare last month, they had no choice but to keep their 8-month-old baby at home. So Miriam had to quit her studies and her work. She only had one more year left of her studies and lost heart. After studying diligently for two years she found she was unable to complete her course.

Of course we will help by paying the childcare expenses for a few months. When she gets her diploma next year, this family will be able to take care of themselves and even help others. This is our goal: to walk with those who are struggling till the end.