Our support.

Sep 1, 2016

On one day, Israel decided to agree with “a ceasefire”for a couple of hours to allow humanitarian help for the people in Gaza. Israel kept his promise but at noon Hamas fired still a few rockets. Around 10.00 o clock, I and a good friend, jumped in the car direction Sderot with sweeties and …

other things. We went to the kindergarten, to hug them and ”
Poor, poor kids, when we left we were almost crying.
Daily we are in contact with social work about the possibilities for help. We are able to help due to your generous gifts.
We also help people by sending them to a hotel for a couple of days, because they are traumatized and unable to cope with the situation. We help children in 12 shelters with toys and games to pass by the time and forget everything for a moment. Additional to this we received request for help from 20 kinder gardens.
The kinder gardens are regularly open from 08.00 till 13.00 and the 12 shelters are open from 13.00 p.m. till 22.00 p.m. for the children, but for adults too. They come in the night to talk about their situation meeting someone from social work, finding a time to relax. Everyone who is unable to stay alone at home or needs extra care is welcome. One of the social workers told me yesterday that she hasn’t slept almost for 2 nights.
Our support:
Sending teams to the shelters with small animals and music. They go from place to place. This help is the same as trauma therapy. In the morning they visit the kinder gardens and in the afternoons the shelters. Please consider and think what this situation brings to the people who live during their holidays in shelters in such a stressful situation. Especially consider the children who constantly are feeling insecure and locked up.
Don’t think when the war is over we have no purpose for your donations. All the children who suffer from “post trauma” will have to start all over again and will need psychological help. And of course we will continue to help these children and the people in the south.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts in the name of these children for your help.