Room full of happy faces

Dec 12, 2019

 The room was full of happy faces, with thumbs pointed high and other expressions of gratitude.

The invitees had defied the bad weather and more than 90 people filled the room. Organizationally everything went well: musicians from Ukraine filled the air with music, a good caterer provided food on the beautifully laid tables, with dear staff in attendance.

The atmosphere was relaxed and cheerful; fun was had by one and all as they danced and clapped to the beautiful music. Older people with so much pain and many troubles and health problems were lifted above their circumstances.

At the conclusion, everyone was presented with a bag filled with gifts and tulip bulbs from Christians for Israel from the Netherlands. With much happiness, everyone returned home again in the rain. And we ourselves were full of gratitude to God for this special morning. It was a beautiful party!