Jul 31, 2020

We would like to thank you again for Yad L’Ami’s donation towards therapeutic riding hours. We find these hours to be extremely beneficial for the mental welfare of our students. 

Riding has become a meaningful factor in our students emotional health:  It helps our kids build up their self confidence,  as well as their self-reliance.   It helps them to deal with anxiety attacks and stress connected to the situation in the area and assists in regulating their emotions. 

At the end of last year we met in order to find ways to maximize the therapeutic sessions. We had decided that involving the parents in the therapeutic process could prove meaningful. So, as of now, 16 students have enjoyed and been helped by this important resource. The teachers of the first ten have reported an improvement in cooperation, a boost in their self- reliance which, in turn, improved social skills as well as an improvement in motor skills.  

The parents have also reported an improvement and many exhibit less stress, and more resilience. Many would have liked to receive more than the ten allotted meetings. 

We value your involvement and your help immensely. 

Thank you and may you always find yourself helping others.

The staff at Da’at school.