Summary halfway the therapeutic Dogs therapy in Netiv HaAsara 2023

Feb 10, 2023

There are three therapeutic groups, each group has six to seven kids. Until now, there have been six meetings for each group. The children in the group are very committed to the therapeutic process. A positive relationship is forged between the group members themselves and between the kids and the therapist who leads the process.

The kids of the group are committed during the treatments, show willingness and are highly motivated to work and connect with the dogs. Already halfway through the process we see a number of important goals achieved, involvement and motivation, creating a relationship, caring for others, group dynamics and creating an emotional dialogue. In addition, personal processes took place with the group members: dealing with fears, overcoming emotional barriers and being able to express themselves in a group with equals. Later in the process, we will focus on and delve into the work on self-confidence, resilience and dealing with challenges and fears within the security situation in which the members of the group live.