Family home Sa’ad – The family house of Smuel and Vered

Oct 31, 2016

On behalf of the family house of Smuel and Vered thank you very, very much for all the support they received from you, through Yad L’Ami. They had an unforgettable holiday time, the swimming lessons and English tutoring for three of the children, they wouldn’t be able to have it without your help. All these children live in the neighborhood of Sderot, which means they all are faced with the threats from Gaza. Not just threats, but rockets are still being launched. Even this week in the center of Sderot, a rocket landed about 100 meters from the school. Two months ago a daycare center was hit, fortunately there were no children present at that moment, but the daycare center was in chaos. As I write this report, the siren is heard again in the villages close to the Gaza Strip.

Once a year the 13 children in the family organize an open house during an afternoon, when they make all sort of things to sell with lots of food: pizza, ice cream, and so on. The money they receive is to buy something they really want to have, like a trampoline last year. The whole kibbutz joins in, and comes to eat or drink something. We were also invited. This was for a special reason, because they wanted to thank Yad L’Ami in front of those present, for all the help they received in the past year. In the coming months, we will continue to fully commit ourselves to assist this family.