The Girl’s Home

Mar 2, 2018

Hear what they have to say about the dog therapy:

  • I can completely relax, which is awesome! This therapy frees me from fear, and allows me to feel safe when I am nervous or encountering grief or pain. Avi, our therapist, is there for us as a second father or as a family member. I always look forward to the lesson and I very much hope that I can continue with this therapy.
  • It is a kind of healing. It takes away a lot of the daily pressure. It gives me a lot of self-confidence.
  • The therapy enables me to relax after a full day. It changes sadness into pleasure. It has given me a lot of self-confidence. I have changed so much! Because the dog instinctively knows how I am feeling, I have to behave differently. I really want to continue with this therapy.
  • For me, I feel the healing power, and it removes the daily pressure from me. It gives me a sense of control over what is happening around me. It teaches me to take the lead. It is very clear to me that I really need to continue the therapy.

Nine girls from the girls’ home have received dog therapy over the past months. Actually they have completed the desired number of hours of dog therapy, but six of these girls really want to continue. The therapist, the director, and we at Yad L’Ami would like to help these girls further in order to enhance the positive changes we’ve seen in their lives.