The south – Families in Sderot

Dec 15, 2016

It is a tragedy when your home is hit suddenly by a rocket from Gaza. However, that’s not the worst because it can be rebuilt. The ensuing trauma that you have to deal with and the financial crisis may well throw your whole life upside down. You are no longer able to work, you lose your confidence, and find yourself sinking lower and lower. That is what happened to Rachel’s parents. That meant that Rachel [not her real name] could not embark on studies to become an interior designer. Due to the ongoing war and threats in Sderot in southern Israel, they appealed to Yad L’Ami for help. Two families decided to help Rachel. Now, after three full years, she has finally graduated from her studies. We were invited to the ceremony and honestly, as the founder of Yad L’Ami, I was a little proud to see her so radiant. Thank you, dear sponsors!