This binds us together as villagers

Mar 19, 2020 | 0 comments

What a day! Will Kibbutz Zikim—under the smoke of Ashkelon and the rockets from Gaza—lead the way?

A plan we’ve been thinking about for years has now been implemented within one month: a shelter has been turned into study rooms. The 3D printer arrived, thanks to our supporters, and in addition the rooms have been decorated nicely. All the work was done by the members of the kibbutz.

We want our young people to lie awake at night planning technical innovations and not just thinking about terrorism from Gaza. Enough! Our youth needs hope for the future. The Technion in Haifa and Tel Aviv University expressed surprise and declared: “We see a future for what you are doing. We’d love to come and talk with you!”

On the day off work because of the Israeli elections, extensive attention was paid to technical workshops. What a great kibbutz endeavor!

We are in agreement that the children who grow up on the Gaza border must now have attention. Here, too, we see that young people are increasingly burdened by the situation and losing hope, because of those awful rockets from Gaza.

It’s really great that Yad L’Ami is involved and is able to encourage Kibbutz Zikim in this venture.