To be blessed by touching, loving and expertise

Apr 5, 2017

Last year in May, a group of elderly Holocaust survivors were given a medical pedicure from, Richt Nicolai, and now in March, she visited them again. The people waited with much expectation and gratitude, ready for her arrival. No painful, bloody treatment…but expertise, attention and loving care. Last year we were faced with serious problems due to previous bad experiences, but this time we saw the recovery had started, as people who were afraid to surrender to the treatment before, now surrendered totally. It was beautiful to see the good results. She took her time with everyone; an average treatment was about 45 minutes. After the pedicure, she massaged their feet with cream. Touching the feet was such a blessing – to see how physically close we could become. During our visits, many prayers were send to the Father. After we said farewell, His Care continued for these people.