What can Yad L’ Ami do right now?

May 21, 2021

Every time the urge comes back to me to “WRITE.” And every time I put my pen down. Sometimes I am completely hyper, because I try to do 20 things at once. I’m on the phone with someone from Sderot who’s going to help with filling 100 bags with urgent supplies for the soldiers. (They sometimes don’t change clothes for a week and after a shower they are happy to put on clean underpants and a shirt, to have soap and a refreshment for under their arms and so on. The roads are closed, so the parents can’t go there either. We then add an encouraging note).

Halfway through our conversation, she runs into the bomb shelter and the conversation is cut off. Oops alert in Sderot. I look at the app: Sderot 20 sec. Netiv Ha Asara 15 sec. Sa’ad 15 sec. I’m just starting to write again, when the phone rings, the alarm in the south. Let’s see. No, Nachel Oz again. My prayer is, “Lord protect Raymond who sits with the cows and all those who must stay behind.”

When I’m just getting back to spreading the photos from Urk, someone from the Gaza Strip comes up with the idea of bringing these things in the media or making contacts with T.V., because we here only see “Pro-Palestinian” demonstrations from all over the world. In the meantime, I get in contact with CIDI  (Center for Information and Documentation Israel) and Christians for Israel: “Can you send me some videos of the demonstration in The Hague tomorrow?” We are trying to bring it here in the media so that the people of Israel can see that there is also a “PRO-ISRAEL”.

If you think we’re bored???