Young students – With God’s help we will keep these 5 or 6 wonderful 16-year-old boys out of the gutter!

Oct 17, 2016 | 0 comments

Five are new immigrants from Ethiopia, and one is Israeli. This past week, we had the first meeting. Everyone is excited because this project is unique in Jerusalem. The boys are excited because they will begin to earn money. This means they have to work under supervision for eight hours each week after school on some outside projects. In addition, they have to attend a two-hour workshop every week. Professionals will teach on subjects such as drugs, sex, and violence, and provide guidance on managing their own small salary of €200 per month. These guys are excited about this opportunity, but are dependent upon our help. My word to them is: “Are you a victim or are you someone who is going to make something of your life? Yad L’Ami wants to help you, but you must make a choice!” The supervisor will also be in direct contact with the leadership of the boys’ school.

Yad L’Ami was very warmly thanked by the manager and social worker for taking on this challenge together with the boys. We have agreed to help for three months. In practical terms, this means that for this period we need €600 per person. Is someone willing to temporarily adopt one of these boys?

Please contact us and we will send you more background information about him that will enable you to follow via the website and on Facebook.