Zest for life in advanced age

Jun 6, 2018

When we visit ‘our’ Holocaust survivors on their birthdays, we are always amazed to hear their age. How fast the years are passing!

At present, we have 40 adopted elderly people, almost half of whom are 85 or older. Of the 8 people who are in the 90s, the oldest lady is 97 years old. She mainly fills her time solving Sudoku puzzles. What a blessing to have such a good mind at that age!

Of course, old age is often accompanied by many diseases and disabilities, and it is always sad when someone dies. However, at this time we want to talk about how much zest for life some still have and how active some still are.

  • One 85-year-old lady goes to dance lessons twice a week, and participates in performances. It is wonderful to see how much fun this gives her.
  • One 86-year-old gentleman goes to the yeshiva (Jewish religious school) every week to continue studying the Hebrew Bible and the Talmud. He wants so much to live according to God’s will.
  • One 88-year-old gentleman starts his day with half an hour of gymnastic exercises on the floor of his room in order to stay fit. In addition, he also gives sports lessons to other elderly people.
  • One 89-year-old gentleman has just finished writing a book on coaching high jump He trained Olympic athletes at a high level. Some of his students have now become coaches and he gives them advice daily via Skype or telephone. It is and remains his great pleasure in life.
  • One 96-year-old lady just wants to do everything. She would probably want to go to the sea for a day: a wonderful wish that we hope to fulfill once again!