The South of Israel
Yad L’Ami has devoted much effort in helping to alleviate the often distressing circumstances in the communities in the immediate vicinity of the Gaza Strip. 

Our intension is concentrated on four projects.




Yad L’Ami supports vulnerable families living in Sderot and the communities surrounding the Gaza Strip in close cooperation with the Israeli social services. This support includes the provision of food coupons, the provision of basic necessities [refrigerators, washing machines, bunk beds for the children, ect ] and the financing of education programs. At Yad L’Ami, we take a very personal approach in our activities, placing an arm around the shoulder of someone who is desperate, listening attentively to his story, and in some cases taking specific action. We encourage you to participate with us! Join in with a monthly contribution of €25 or €50 and you will receive a half yearly update on the weal and woe of these families.

Animal-Assisted Therapy

The continuing threat of war and the rain of rockets from Gaza has emotionally traumatized many children and young people. They have lost their self confidence. Apathy and existential fear paralyze their development. Animal assisted therapy is often used to assist this vulnerable group to overcome their trauma. By learning to train dogs, horses or other animals, traumatized children and young people acquire the skills to train themselves. For example, when teaching a dog to focus, the same focus is demanded of the trainer. The results are encouraging and sometimes amazing!

Help to make this therapy possible! We encourage you to invest in the recovery and development of these children and young people.

The School

Kibbutz Sa’ad is located less than three kilometers from the Gaza Strip. For the past fifteen years, this kibbutz has hardly known any peace.

Shmuel and Vered, a young Religious couple with three children aged 1, 4, and 6 years, were not deterred by the constant threat and decided to open up their home to ten children aged 9 to 18 years. These children come from the same environment and were unable to remain with their families for various reasons. We urge you to encourage this brave couple and support them generously.

Girls Home

This girls home is somewhat similar to the family home of Shmuel and Vered. Forty five girls who for various reasons could not remain with their families are lovingly given shelter in this girl’s home and are being prepared for military or national service to the country. Many of the girls have been severely traumatized by abuse and drug use. Yad L’Ami wants to stand beside these girls and invites financial partners to help. Please participate in this project, which gives hope and helps get lives back on track.