Young Students and CAFE L’AMI

mrt 16, 2017

Irma, Ria, and I were received enthusiastically by the broadly smiling Oded, who proudly and passionately spoke about this work of Yad L’Ami in the southern part of Jerusalem.

Driving through this neighborhood, it is hard to believe that such an enriching project was started by enthusiastic youngsters under the leadership of Oded.

The café that they had in mind is starting to take shape. Overgrown plots of land have been completely dug over. The levelling off of the ground is almost finished and a voluntary employee is working at making tables from tree trunks. The small space has been transformed into the heart of this project; every visitor catches the vision and embraces the goal of connecting the various sections of the local community and of course passing on Adonai’s blessings. Connection is the ultimate goal: Yad L’Ami and the local Body of Messiah in Jerusalem strive to extend a hand to both the young and the elderly, local residents and school pupils, to show that it is still possible for different generations to interrelate in 2017.

The new red door provides access to the café where people are working hard and where one can purchase refreshments including a delicious cup of coffee or tea. That door has replaced the old window as a sign of hope for a community that doesn’t look away but rather delivers a message that there is still hope for this life.

In this way, the young people have found an entrance into and have won the hearts of the elderly who live in the home that stands opposite their Café L’Ami. The Lord’s mercies are evident as well as the municipality has cleaned up all the superfluous greenery, stones, and debris free of charge.

The young men of Ethiopian origin, who arrive for work at 16:00, are under the expert guidance of Oded who inspires them to roll up their sleeves and work. They are an example to their peers in how to use one’s time wisely by completing studies, working, and earning a small amount of money. This income helps to support their families financially, and encourages fiscal responsibility.

The interrelationship between the older and young generations is unique and contributes to the unity of the people. In addition, the gainful employment helps to prevent these young people from falling into the vicious cycle of boredom and crime. Their acceptance into mainstream Israeli society is very important and this project is worth supporting.

CAFÉ L’AMI is a true source of pride and raises the status of the neighborhood. When you are in the area, we highly recommend that you visit the café and see for yourself. In June, we ourselves hope to bring a group to Israel and I’ve already promised that we will bring everybody for a cup of coffee.

The official opening of CAFÉ L’AMI will take place on March 28, 2017.